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Bike Fitting


Improve Your Comfort & Performance

Regardless of what type of cycling you enjoy, you'll benefit from a bike that has been properly adjusted to fit your body and your riding style. Our certified fit specialists will discuss your cycling history and goals. We'll then work with you to determine your ideal riding position.

With a professional bike fit, you can be more comfortable, more efficient, and more powerful on every ride. You’ll also be less likely to sustain injuries on a bike that has been expertly configured to meet your needs.

Bike Fit Options

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your next race time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Learn more about our fit services and schedule your appointment today.

Basic Fit


Advanced Fit


Tri Fit


Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.

Pro Fits with Mat Stephens at Snider Plaza

During Normal Business Hours

Pro fits are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment email:


Ride further, faster, and more comfortably than ever with a Pro bike fit from professional cyclist, coach, and bike fitter, Mat Stephens.

With over fifteen years of racing experience and a pedigree of developing athletes from novice to world class, Mat’s exceptional experience is now available to you. Whether your goals are to win a World Tour time trial or to just be more competitive in your local group ride, we can help. In addition to Mat’s real world competitive experience, his engineering background helps him to understand the delicate connection between man and machine to give you your very best ride every time you clip in.

“I am familiar with Specialized BG Fit, Fit Kit, FIST, and Steve Hogg fitting methods. I use slow motion video to capture important body angles as measured while riding the bike. I start with the shoe/cleat fitting and then move into leg extension, hip angle considerations, and then finally torso and arm angles. I work with your body's asymmetries and limitations to provide your optimized fit. I also can make recommendations on core and corrective exercises to easily maintain that 'best' position.”

Enthusiasts and racers alike will benefit from our Pro bike fits. A proper fit will leave you more powerful, comfortable, efficient, and aerodynamic, as well as helping to prevent injury.



TT/Tri Fit




A follow-up appointment is included within 45 days of the bike fit.

Follow-up appointment after 45 days - $80/hr

2nd Bike during same session - $100

Transfer of fit from one bike to another - $40

Set up 2nd pair of shoes - $40

If the Shoe Fits

For maximum power transfer on the road or trail and for exceptional comfort on a spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals. With stiffer soles and the ability to click into and out of your pedal system easily, cycling shoes make your ride and your workout more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. Never get stuck in a toe cage again!